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With technology constantly changing, it's impossible for the average person to keep up with it all, which is why we do it for you! In the past century, technology has developed faster than it ever has before. Entertainment for the every day home is changing just as quickly; don't find yourself mired in the past!


Imagine a home environment where you can control the functions of a room with a click of a button, with complete control right at your fingertips! Stop imagining this lifestyle and start living it with the help of Ricky Smith's Audio! For the past 30 years, we have been providing homes and autos with high quality technology features. Our experience and vast knowledge in the industry allows us to deliver only the best in customer satisfaction. Whether you are converting a room into a home theater or want to listen to your favorite tunes outdoors, Ricky Smith's Audio is your one stop shop to make your fantasies come true!


Bluetooth brings safety and convenience together to let you talk hands-free in your vehicle using your phone and the existing speakers. Excellent clarity and amazing features are available, including voice dial from many phones, caller ID, and the ability to play music from your iPod, MP3 player, or USB drive. This is a great product for teenage drivers and business folk alike.

Made for iPod

Ricky Smith's Audio is your iPod Integration Station, with adapters and interfaces to fit most vehicles. Play iPod through your factory radio, using existing speakers, controls, and displays. And your iPod will stay charged!